Clean your home or self quicker with Schticky

Problem: You have a hairy roommate, significant other or a dog that sheds way too much and you are tired of hair all over the place, on your clothes or piles of dirt and dust, enough is enough it’s time to take charge. Lugging the huge vacuum or using the broom is very 1980’s,  you need something fast that can be cleaned easily and stored anywhere.

Solution: Schticky, brought to you by the infamous Sham Wow guy aka Vince Offer. The Schticky can be used to rapidly clean potato chip pieces, small food or dirt particles, human and dog hair and any random things that interfere with your life minus ex-girlfriends.  Bonus, you get the Little Schticky to bring out with you for first dates, business meetings or when you visit your friend who has that dog that sheds and you have to pet them to be nice but really you just don’t want their hair all over you.


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