Create a better restaurant website on your own

happy tables home page screen shot

Problem: You own a restaurant or bar or plan on owning one soon but have no idea how to create a website or who to go to. You can cook better than an Italian grandmother, you know how to yell at waiters and Sous chefs but websites, interweb, social media, that’s foreign to you.

Solution: Happytables, an online tool that allows you to design, develop, and manage your website on your own, giving you control of the appearance, analytics, social media and much more. You don’t have to text your neighbors web designer nephew who never responds, it’s in your hands now. Happytables is created specifically for the restaurant industry and they have a dedicated customer service team to help you get your site running.

Side note: I met a cute girl a few months ago that had a lunch truck, her food was really good (minus the long hair in my buffalo chicken sandwich) and she had her parents helping her out, you could tell she had invested money on buying a truck, planning a menu and had her heart in it, but she didn’t have a website, a twitter account, facebook. I was shocked, how can you not be in tune with these things and expect to grow your business, get with the times people!


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